CSA Week 13, 2011

September is always a great time of year! This week I am feeling the pressure of writing mid-week, as the harvest of a few items will ‘split the week’. For example, some members will have received melons at the end of last week and others at the beginning of this week…there’s no use trying to get the produce to conform—we must go with the flow 🙂 So, you may see, or may have already seen, melons. We grow many varieties, mostly cantaloupe/muskmelon, but also Galia, Canary, Butterscotch, Ananas, French Charentais… whatever you receive, it is RIPE, so eat it right away or store in the fridge. And the melons may vary in color inside, by variety, you should just trust me and try it, regardless of whether it is orange, cream, light green, etc. If you are in doubt, please take a picture of your cut melon on facebook or send to my email and I shall tell you what it is. The same goes for apples and odd winter squash. 

You will continue to see potatoes, apples (including Paula Red, Molly Delicious/Sheep Nose, and the first Cortland), and the first winter squashes. We will not put gourds in your box. That doesn’t mean you can’t use them decoratively, but anything you see is for eating. I’ll re-post the winter squash ID on the blog.


1-butternut 2-acorn 3-carnival 4-delicata 5-sweet dumpling 6-sunshine

1-butternut 2-acorn 3-carnival 4-delicata 5-sweet dumpling 6-sunshine

Farm Dirt

I managed to get beans and corn frozen, can applesauce with the Paula Reds, and can whole and stewed tomatoes. The week has filled up quickly with town and school activities…but the salsa REALLY must get done this week! It is an all day affair: peeling tomatoes, chopping onions, peppers, hot peppers, garlic… then cooking it, bottling it, THEN the processing. It is all worth it.

Keep your eye out for gleaning days. I imagine there will be several, as some crops will be done before others.

You are bound to see more corn worm than usual…that’s part of the fun of having the hurricane. Naturally, just cut off the offending part and enjoy.

Mirai, Mystique, and White-Out

Mirai, Mystique, and White-Out

If you read the paper, well, let me remind you to believe half of what you see and none of what you hear (Ben Franklin). If you don’t read the paper, well good, you’re probably better off for it. With regards to us, the whole thing is bogus and we will defend ourselves.

If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken
And stoop and build ‘em up again with worn-out tools: (Kipling)

The whole piece is perfect—’tis good to reaffirm it’s genius.


About stillmansfarm

Stillman's Farm® is a family owned farm in Massachusetts. We currently operate at two locations: a greenhouse/retail business in Lunenburg, and the majority of vegetable production in New Braintree. Glenn Stillman started the business in Lunenburg over 20 years ago and now enjoys the promise of the next generation further expanding the very diverse enterprise. The farm also has several Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs established in Boston, Lunenburg, Jamaica Plain, Brookline, New Braintree and the Southborough/Framingham area. In addition, the Stillman's trucks have become a fixture at the Boston Area Farmer's Markets. Our Philosophy Most of Stillman's produce is grown without chemicals. For a few crops this simply is not feasible. For these particular crops, we participate in the State Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. This entails systematic scouting of fields, protection of beneficial insects, bio-controls, and well-timed applications of only the safest pesticides. With growing concern about genetically modified organisms (GMO), as a patron you can be confident that none of the produce we grow have been engineered, in fact, we often experiment with many heirloom varieties! Conscientiously Grown® The combination of no pesticides, good cultivation management, and IPM practices allows us to offer the widest possible selection of fruit and vegetable varieties and be a thriving sustainable farm. We have developed our own label, "conscientiously grown" to convey our commitment to the safety of our environment, family and customers. All of our hormone free, pasture raised meats carry a conscientiously grown label too!
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