Pancakes and Fritters!

Variation on a theme is popular around here when time is short and I am in a hurry to get something on the table everyone will eat. I have mentioned the reliability of frittata, well, here’s my plug for pancakes and fritters. Pretty much anything and everything around here has been shredded and put in a regular pancake mix or been moistened with an egg and a little milk, then fried and served up with sour cream, salsa or syrup, depending on the ingredients and the mood.

Corn pancakes, or corn oysters, acccording to my Mother

Corn Pancakes: I like to take the leftover corn off the cob and mix it with a little pancake batter, fry up and serve with butter and syrup. Sometimes I just add a handful of flour and an egg to the corn (as we do with shredded zucchini) and fry that – more like a fritter. My sister does the same fritter thing and then tops them with cheese and salsa.


About stillmansfarm

Stillman's Farm® is a family owned farm in Massachusetts. We currently operate at two locations: a greenhouse/retail business in Lunenburg, and the majority of vegetable production in New Braintree. Glenn Stillman started the business in Lunenburg over 20 years ago and now enjoys the promise of the next generation further expanding the very diverse enterprise. The farm also has several Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs established in Boston, Lunenburg, Jamaica Plain, Brookline, New Braintree and the Southborough/Framingham area. In addition, the Stillman's trucks have become a fixture at the Boston Area Farmer's Markets. Our Philosophy Most of Stillman's produce is grown without chemicals. For a few crops this simply is not feasible. For these particular crops, we participate in the State Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. This entails systematic scouting of fields, protection of beneficial insects, bio-controls, and well-timed applications of only the safest pesticides. With growing concern about genetically modified organisms (GMO), as a patron you can be confident that none of the produce we grow have been engineered, in fact, we often experiment with many heirloom varieties! Conscientiously Grown® The combination of no pesticides, good cultivation management, and IPM practices allows us to offer the widest possible selection of fruit and vegetable varieties and be a thriving sustainable farm. We have developed our own label, "conscientiously grown" to convey our commitment to the safety of our environment, family and customers. All of our hormone free, pasture raised meats carry a conscientiously grown label too!
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2 Responses to Pancakes and Fritters!

  1. sybaritica says:

    I like something similar made with rice flour and a bit of cornstarch. You can make little pancakes using any sort of veggie or seafood and then dip them in soy or some other sauce.

  2. Lydia Reynolds says:

    Yes! One night a heavy rain prevented me from grilling the squash and zucchini as planned. I grated them, tossed them with egg, coated them with flour, and pan fried them. They were really tasty, especially with a good amont of basil mixed in the batter. Next time (and there will be a next time, I’m sure) I’ll salt the veggies and drain the excess liquid first.

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