About Stillman’s Farm

We are a strong farm family with an even stronger commitment to our land and all it produces. It is our commitment to the land and all it offers that inspires us to grow the glorious bounty we share with our customers. We take great pride in providing the freshest, most beautiful fruits and vegetables, as well as healthful meats. For even more information see our website stillmansfarm.com.


Glenn grew up on his Father’s diary farm in Lunenburg and started his own business down the street selling plants and produce. His two older children, Kate and Curtis, spent much of their childhood there and chose agriculture as their vocation as well. As the Boston markets expanded, so did we…all the way out to New Braintree. In 1991, Glenn bought a historic farm in a beautiful rural community and spent the next several years nurturing the fields back into production, trimming the hedgerows back, and rebuilding walls. Some of these things will take several lifetimes to complete, but they are part of our holistic approach to farming.

Glenn and I got married in 1993 and on nights he stayed out late in the field working, I spent working on the restoration of the c. 1820s farmhouse. Soon after we started our first CSA, and then all my extra time was consumed with newsletters and membership. It still is! We also have a son, Reid, and a daughter, Faith – neither of whom is old enough to know what to do in adulthood.

Glenn’s oldest daughter Kate’s cut flower business budded when she was a young girl. It soon blossomed into a real enterprise, with acres of extraordinary flowers sneaking their way into the field crops. She purchased a farm in Hardwick in 2007 and has been busy clearing land for pastures and building facilities for the growing population of livestock. She now sell their pasture raised meats at area farmers’ markets, to restaurants, and through her meat CSA.

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Stillman’s at the Turkey Farm

Curtis, Glenn’s oldest son, also works with us, runs the Lunenburg CSA and grows specialty fruits. If you’ve ever been to our stand at any of the markets, you will have seen his impressive display of cherry tomatoes! He has recently bought the historic Poor Farm in Hardwick and has been planting orchards and clearing hedgerows. He has expanded the winter csa to include five months of seasonal produce to sustain you for the winter.

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Still Life Farm

Future Goals

We will continue working to preserve farmland in our area and seeking new farmers for those properties. The process of reclaiming and rebuilding the farms in New Braintree and Hardwick will never cease  – and we hope to be helping Curtis with his own farm someday soon. I hope Reid and Faith will take over all the planting and hard work so the rest of us can relax!

We will strive to  be even better stewards of the land and produce more food for our local markets. As a very large goal, we will remain involved with the planning of an indoor, accessible, year-round market in Boston for consumers to shop for local goods. This is a goal which should benefit not only the shoppers, but our local economy and so many of the small farmers and artisans in Massachusetts.

Thank you for supporting local agriculture and for being part of the Stillman’s extended family ~ Genevieve Stillman 

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  1. Daniel says:

    I am a Stillman my name is Daniel Alan Stillman and I live in the Clayton area in NC

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